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Play the Right Note With New Creation Violins

Shipping anywhere in the continental USA, New Creation Music specializes in personalized music services, including orchestral stringed instrument sales, rentals, and repairs. We are available to help you choose the right instrument for your size and skill level, from entry level up to professional instruments. As players grow in both size and skill, our flexible programs offer ease of trade-in or trade-up whether you purchased or rented.  We offer the following products:

Violins * • Viola/Cello (call) • Bows (call) • Strings (call)
• Used Instruments (call) • Accessories (call)

 *Including price/value choices at every level: Beginner, Standard, Intermediate Plus, Professional

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Offering a variety of budget, standard, and professional-level violins, viola and cello, we also carry related accessories at competitive pricing.   We are available to assist you with selecting the right size and type of instrument..  As you progress, we make it easy trade in your instrument for the next size or quality level. All instruments are set up properly, customized to fit your playing objectives.


Choose from a range of violins and violas on a rent-to-own basis. Our rentals include good, better, and best student models, as well as advanced instruments. Violin & viola rental price range:  $12, $14, $18, $25, or $30+ per month. Cello rentals on a limited basis starting at $40/mo (new instrument).


Personal Service

We pay pesonal attention to every order, customizing to your specific quality needs. We make sure the instrument you select will play well and encourage rather than hinder progress.  For example, we recently helped a family with their first violin experience. They chose to rent one small sized beginner violin ($14 per month), purchase the second better quality full sized instrument ($399) and, in addition, they found all the accessories they needed, recieving free shipping on the entire order.  In another case we assisted a college student (music major) with the evalulation and purchase of a fine viola with matching bow. He was excited that we were able to provide a great performance solution while respecting his $4500 budget ceiling. In both cases, we were able to provide the best solution to fit each specific quality and budget need.


All of our products are good quality and sold at discounted prices. We will not carry the very low quality instruments you may find on the internet. Many of these "violin shaped objects" have uncorrectable problems that discourage new students causing them to quit too soon. Our instruments range in price from $159.00 to $20,000.00. We accept cash, checks, money orders, Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will replace your instrument or refund your money.