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Encourage and Support Your Child's Interest in a Stringed Instrument.

New Creation Music is pleased to offer a selection of good quality instruments for every skill level, from beginner to professional. We rent instruments with convenient terms and offer very attractive discounts for purchase. Browse through our offerings now. These pages show only a small representation of our total capability. Please call us with any questions, advice or assistance in selecting the right model for your child.

Rental Violin - Entry Level

This is a starter violin set up properly for good, problem-free playability. It includes bow, case, rosin, Prelude strings and is available in sizes 1/16 through 4/4. Outfit rental is only $12.00 per month on a quarterly basis. Visit our "rental promotion page for details on free shipping and other free goods.

Rental Violin - Better beginner outfit

This violin is an excellent beginning model fitted with a case, a Brazilwood bow, Prelude strings, and rosin. It is available in sizes 1/16 through 4/4 and rents for only $14 per month.

Rental Violin - For the advancing beginner

This violin is an ideal step up instrument for beginners with a keen ear and previous music experience. It has a quality setup with Zyex strings, an oblong case, bow, and rosin. This excellent rents for $18 per month on a quarterly basis.

Rental Viola  - Student beginner outfitt or the advancing player who desires a stronger sound and 

This entry level instrument is well adjusted and well suited for the new student. The outfit includes brazilwood bow, Prelude strings, shaped case and rosin.  Rent for $16 per month with free shipping when the first 6-months rent is prepaid. Remember, these are rent-to-own programs with 100% of your payments applying to the basis purchse price.  finely figured, with select aged German spruce and maple, this professional model witproduce a superb sound quality for the most Rental Viola - Step up Student Outfit

Better model with stronger sound for students with previous music experience and keen ear for music. Available in sizes 13" through 16" the outfit includes the case,Brazilwood bow Prelud strings and rosin. Rent for $20/month with free shipping when the first 6-months rent is prepaid.

Rental Viola - For the advancing student 

This is an excellent model for the student making good progress and is dedicated to continuing in strings mastery. Avalable in sizes 14" through 16" the outfit includes an oblong case, Zyex strings, a fully lined Brazilwood bow and rosin. Rent-to-own for $24 mer month. Please refer to our Rental Promotions page to learn more about savings on rentals.

Stradmaster Violin Outfit

Offered in 3/4 or 4/4 sizes, this outfit is ideal for advancing students with a keen ear, making good progress in his/her second or third year. Rich sounding instrument with Zyex Strings, oblong case, fully lined Brazilwood bow. Retailing for $899. Your cost, with free shipping, $599.00.

Nicolas Parola Violin Outfit

This excellent outfit offered in 3/4 or 4/4 sizes is finely crafted to support the advanced student with a serious dedication to music. Whether playing in Church ensembles or as a soloist, this instrument provides a solid platform for advancement into a music major or professional career. The outfit incudes Dominant strings a hardshell oblong case and pernambuco bow, all providing quality where the production of desired sound is foremost. Beautiful sound, beautiful appearance for a most satifying result. Retailing for over $1500, your price for this quality outfit is only $1095.

Fine Master Instruments by Stefan Petrof

These master instruments from the shop of Master Stefan Petrof offer professional quality projection and sound for the most discerning ear. Please call us for details of how we may assist you in acquiring one of these excelent instruments. Usually outfited with Evah Pirazzi strings, it is just as important to select the correct bow to match each instrument's capability.  Petrof fine violins range from $2000 to $4500 depending upon the model. Viola models range from $2300 to $4700.   Petrof instruments are in great demand so give us a call to check availability.

Fine Master Bows

New Creation also offers a variety of fine pernambuco or carbon fiber bows. We take great care to match each bow with the instrument it will support. Master violin bows range from $700 to $3000 and viola or cello bows may be found in the same price range. Fine carbon fiber bows range from $175to $800. Please call for more information.