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Violin and Viola Models for Every Skill Set

Whether you are an accomplished violinist or just beginning, New Creation Music features a large selection of violin models to choose from. We also sell appropriate accessories, including shoulder rests, bows, repair parts and  more.

Violin Outfits 

Excellent beginner outfit - V710 This excellent beginning model is expertly set up for good playability and is available in all sizes. It includes Prelude strings, Brazilwood horsehair bow, shaped case, and rosin. The instrument retails for $364 but your price with free shipping is only $244.

Step Up Sudent Model - V810  An ideal step up instrument for beginners with a keen ear and previous music experience. It has a quality setup with Zyex strings, an oblong case, bow, and rosin. Available in sizes 1/4 through 4/4 the VN810 retails for $540 but your price with free shipping is only $325.

Advancing Student Model - V910  This outfit includes a better combination of violin, bow and strings for the intermediate player interested in ensemble or solo performance.  Dominent Strings, oblong case and a fully-lined brazilwood bow are features demanded by the intermediate artist.  Available in sizes 3/4 and 4/4 the V910 retails for $895 but your price with free shipping is only $595.

Free shipping promotions offered on instrument rentals. See following pages for details or call with questions.

4/4 Violin By Scott Cao, STV750 - For Advancing Players

For the advancing artist, this beautiful instrument is expertly hand finished in an antiqued oil varnish and includes Dominant strings.  Producing rich sound with controlled volume and projection, this violin will be an asset to the career of any serious artist. Fine instrument for the artist moving to a music major. Instrument only $1130.00.  Free shipping.  Call for assistance in selecting the perfect bow and case combination to match the violin.

4/4 Violin By Scott Cao, STV850 - For The Advancing Soloist

This beautiful violin is expertly figured from fine Bosnian maple, Italian spruce and high quality Indian ebony. Designed to be the "next step" in the artist's move to a career in music mastery. Rich sound & power are the hallmarks of this remarkable instrument. Instrument only with free shipping is $1500. Call for pricing and information on matching bow and case. Includes Dominant strings with gold "E."

Call for availability and pricing on other fine instruments from the shop of Scott Cao.


Viola Model VA690 available in sizes 13" through 16" -  A nice starter instrument for the beginning student. The outfit includes Prelude strings, Brazilwood bow, shaped case and rosin. Retailing at $448, your price with free shipping is only $289.  

Viola Model VA710 available in sizes 13" through 16" - A better sounding instrument for the beginning student. Includes Prelude strings, shaped case, Brazilwood bow  and rosin.  Retailing for $495, your price with free shipping is only $329.

Violin Model VA810 available in sizes 14" through 16" - A good step up model for an advancing beginner with a keen ear for sound. This model produces a strong sound due to the included Zyex strings and better brazilwood bow. The outfit also includes and oblong case and rosin. Retailing for $600, your price for this solid outfit is only $369, with free shipping.

Everest Shoulder Rests

A new, better quality product by Oliver Musica. These fine rests feature thicker, more comfortable foam, durable construction, and stay in place better on the violin. Costs are as follows:

• EZ 4A Standard (Fits 3/4 and 4/4 Sizes) $13.99
• EZ 2A Standard (Fits 1/2 and 3/4 Sizes) $13.99
• EZ 1A Standard (Fits 1/10 Through 1/4 Sizes) $13.99
• EC 4 Collapsible (Sizes 1/2 Through 4/4) $19.99
• EZ VA Standard for Viola (Sizes 15" Through 16.5") $22.99