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Rental Promotions

As you know New Creation Music is pleased to offer a variety of violin and viola instruments on a rent-to-own basis. We rent on a quarterly basis on very flexible terms, making it easy to upgrade the next size or quality as needed. We offer instruments from very small sizes up to full sized models. A number of our customers and their children have started on a small 1/16 size violin and through the years, have upgraded through the sizes to the full 4/4 size and, upgrading quality when the teacher sees appropriate student progress. Upgrading in quality is often essential to maintain a child's enthusiasm and can be an effective motivation to further achievement.

As you begin a rental program, it is important to encourage each student to commit to the instrument. We've heard, "well, let's give it a couple of months or so to see how it works out." Rarely does this approach work. In the early days, weeks and even months, students often become discouraged because they are not yet producting beautiful sounds, or their fingers hurt, or its too hard, etc.  Even with teacher's and parent's positive encouraging words, it is too easy for students to give up.  For these reasons, we encourage parents and students to commit to at least a six-month program. With a six month prepayment of instrument rental we pay for the outbound shipping on violin and viola outfits.  As an additional incentive and in support of teachers' encouragement for a longer initial commitment, we are offering the following:

With a 10-month prepayment of instrument rental you will receive:  

Free Shipping, a free Everest shoulder-rest, a free music stand and free cleaning cloth. This is a $40 to $60 value, depending upon your location within the USA.

This full 10 months or school year commitment will give the student, teacher and parent the greatest chance for success and prevent a premature "giving up" for the wrong reason.

Many thanks for your interest in New Creation Music.